Robot Wars – in mid air!

Do you fancy flying machines? Helicopters, quadcopters, and other flying contraptions? Then you need to go to the The International Micro Air Vehicle (IMAV) conference. Can’t make it yourself? Submit a paper about your work. And did I mention the flight contest? They’ll even lend you a quadcopter. All you need to do is bring the skills.


What motivates us

Studies have shown that performance bonuses increase physical work output and have the reverse effect on cognitive work.
I bet this is behind Google’s 20% time policy, where one day a week you can work on anything you want company related.


Creating HTML select easily in PHP

Creating a &;t;select> in PHP can be a mess, if done naively. This should make life a little easier.

$str="<select name='fries_with_that'>
<option value='true'>Yes</option>
<option value='false'>No</option>

foreach($customer as $person_id=>$details) {
  $str=str_replace("value='$fries_with_that'","value='$fries_with_that' selected",$str);
  echo str_replace("name='fries_with_that'","name='fries_with_that_$person_id'",$str);