Makelangelo window mounting hooks

Makelangelo window mounting hooks

24.30 CAD

Want to mount your Makelangelo on a window?  This convenient hook system has been tested for literally months at a time without failure.

How to use

  • Assemble as shown
  • Moisten each cup with a few drops of water
  • Attach the Makelangelo to the two cups.
  • Firmly press both suction cups against the glass.  expect it to slide in the final moment.  don’t be surprised if it takes a few tries to get the machine level.
  • Fit Makelangelo onto hooks.
  • Enjoy!

Package contents

  • Two MECH-0056 Suction cups
  • Two 3D printed suction cup to Makelangelo adapters
  • Two window pads


They are designed for easy removal of the machine for storage overnight.  Don’t feel pressure to leave your expensive machine up where cats and children might be tempted to cause mayhem.

After installation I have outlined the cups with a sharpie marker so that I can remove and replace them on the glass in the same location.  Sharpie marker can be cleaned off of glass with rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) or window cleaner.