Private: Makelangelo 5 (Huge Edition)

Makelangelo 5 – Huge Edition

740.00 CAD

The Makelangelo Huge is able to size up way beyond the limits of the Makelangelo 5 while still running on the same great software and firmware you know and love.  It’s great for painters to draw sketches on canvas, enormous posters, cosplay/clothing patterns, game maps, and much much more!

The Huge comes with free shipping and comes in one size: huge!  If you need larger than that, contact us.

Getting started?  Check out our step-by-step guides

How big can it go?

The Makelangelo Huge has a work area of 1400 x 2000 mm (~55 x 79 in).  The Huge edition is rated for A0 size drawings (841 x 1188mm, 33-1/8 x 46-13/16 in).  The Huge can draw the full horizontal width of the work area and nearly all of the vertical work area, but quality goes down as the drawing tool reaches the edge of the work area.

For comparison, the regular size Makelangelo 5 is rated for A2, or 1/4 as big.

Additional notes

  • Makelangelo HUGE requires 12v2a.  Includes a standard adapter for any US/Canadian wall socket.  The adapter has a 3m cable.
  • Makelangelo HUGE ships in a box that measures 10x10x76cm (4″x4″x30″).
  • Makelangelo HUGE shipping weight is 2.2kg (5lbs)
  • Makelangelo HUGE ships with a starter Sharpie and an SD card.
  • Makelangelo HUGE ships with firmware for Makelangelo 5 installed.  The built-in firmware update tool in Makelangelo Software makes it easy to apply our code updates.
  • Makelangelo HUGE ships as a Makelangelo 5 with an included upgrade kit. Here’s the pictoral guide for upgrading your Makelangelo 5 to Makelangelo HUGE.
  • Need more help?  Check out our other step-by-step guides with pictures and arrows.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Makelangelos are always in stock and ship with DHL.
  • Average delivery time to Europe is 2 business days.  European customers should expect a VAT + import fee of 20%.