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Masked and Weighted Truchet Tiles in Processing

I first saw this effect used with an image of Alan Turing and the word CODE superimposed. It was many months before several disparate ideas came together and I finally rediscovered how to generate these kinds of pictures. Here now I’ll show you how I built up the Processing code to do the same.

Art Makelangelo

Stippling an image with Wang Tiles

This is a big interest of mine because of my work on the Makelangelo Software. The software converts a photo to lines by starting with Stippling, where dots are put on the picture in a meaningful way. Everything that flows from there starts with good stippling. Wang Tiles are the current best method, prove me wrong.

I don’t have a way to make wang tiles as described in this video yet. If I had a set I’m confident I could do the rest in short order.