m5 whiteboard hooks in action
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Makelangelo whiteboard hooks

20.00 CAD

Secure, easy whiteboard mounting for your Makelangelo drawing robot is now simpler than ever.  Whiteboard surfaces do not hold suction cups for very long.  Maybe the surface is not clean enough or there are microscopic leaks.  We don’t know!  What’s certain is we needed a guaranteed way to keep your robot safe and drawing great.

You may need a screwdriver to loosen the top of the board just enough to slip the L piece behind the board, then retighten to hold it in place.  the front half that hangs off can be adjusted to taste or removed and stored in the box with the Makelangelo robot.  Although with such great hooks, why would you ever take it down?

Sold as a pair.  Color not guaranteed.

Got a 3D printer already?  Make a set yourself from the open source whiteboard mounting hook STL files.