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  • Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit

Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit

1500.00 CAD

Sixi 3 is a modular robot arm. The simplified design makes it best in class for schools, maker spaces, and small businesses.

Sixi 3 is built using our open source acutator design: https://www.marginallyclever.com/products/mcr-gearbox-13-70-78-135-109-a-diy-kit/


  • Reach: 354.64mm
  • Payload: 2kg
  • Estimated precision: 0.0064mm at full reach per full step.

Package contents

  • 6x DIY actuator kits
  • 1x RUMBA brain board kit, with firmware already installed.
  • 1x 12v6a power supply
  • metric screw and nuts to fasten 3D printed connection adapters.

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