Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit
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  • Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit
  • Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit
  • Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit
  • Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit

Sixi 3 Robot arm, DIY kit

1,500.00 CAD

Sixi 3 is a robot arm designed for ease of use, maintenance, and versatility. The primary components are six identical actuators that can be interchangeably swapped, replaced, or combined in new and exciting ways. The simplified design makes it best in class for schools, maker spaces, and small businesses.


Sixi 3 5 axis 6 axis
Packaged dimensions 300 x 300 x 100
Packaged weight 10 12
Installed weight 4.7 5.6
Reach 350 450
Payload 1 0.75
Max velocity 5 (degrees/s)
Power supply 12V2A
Mounting Table top
Connectivity USB mini
Operating temperature +5 to +30
Ingress Protection Rating IP40
Range of motion J0 +/-170
Range of motion J1 +/-90
Range of motion J2 +/-135
Range of motion J3 +/-170
Range of motion J4 +/-180 +/-170
Range of motion J5 +/-180
Wrist connector type DIN EN ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6
Communication protocol gcode
Control loop open
Limit switches none

unless specified, all dimensions are mm, degrees, celcius, and kilograms.

Package contents

  • 6x DIY actuator kits
  • 1x RUMBA brain board kit, with firmware already installed.
  • 1x 12V6A power supply, north american NEMA15 connector
  • metric screw and nuts to fasten 3D printed connection adapters.

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