Daisy Driver 2.2
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  • Daisy Driver 2.2
  • Daisy Driver 2.2
  • Daisy Driver 2.2

Daisy Driver 2.2

120.00 CAD

Read all the details about the Daisy Driver 2.0 in this post.


  • The STM32F405 brain is huge and crazy fast. 168 MHz CPU/210 DMIPS, up to 1 Mbyte of Flash.
  • The TMC2130 motor driver can handle up to 1.5amps and includes current change sensing, which could be used for collaborative robots that sense collisions.
  • The IPS2200 rotation sensor is absolute – no need to “home” – touch off a limit switch – when the robot turns on. It always knows where it is.
  • The rotation sensor is also hollow-shaft. A wire can go through the sensor, through the center of the gearbox, and out to the next Sixi 3 actuator.
  • The board can be connected to its neighbors in a linked-list of actuators. They talk to each other through the CANbus network using the CANOpen protocol. This makes electrical work a breeze.
  • Since every CAN device needs a unique address, 6 dip switches make it easy to setup. No pads to solder!
  • It also has a USB connection so you can use a normal Serial interface from your favorite app to talk to the device.
  • The JTAG programming pins make it simple to upload new code from Arduino. Check out our daisy driver Arduino firmware.
  • The RGB LED is a handy status indicator. Have it display CANbus traffic, sensor angle, or morse code!

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