Makelangelo 5 to HUGE upgrade kit
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  • Makelangelo 5 to HUGE upgrade kit

Makelangelo 5 to HUGE upgrade kit

250.00 CAD

If you have a Makelangelo 5 and want to GO BIGGER then this kit is for you.  Turns a late model Makelangelo 5 into a HUGE with one firmware update and ten minutes’ work.

Contains timing belt, two kinds of extension cables, fasteners, and laser-cut hardware extension.

Here’s the pictoral guide for upgrading Makelangelo 5 to Makelangelo HUGE.

Important note!

Please carefully read the guide before ordering and confirm that your machine has the left-side cut and screws of later model units (see red and green arrows in picture).  If you do NOT have this feature your kit CANNOT be upgraded.  You will have to mail the machine back to us for a replacement OR purchase a second, HUGE machine.