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Robot Overlord

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Robot Overlord is the app used to control and program robot arms including Sixi, Sixi 2, Sixi 3, Thor, Mecademic meca500, Roci, K1, and the original Mantis.

It features a 3D simulation, A virtual jog tool, and compatibility with all Marlin-based robot arms.

Robot Arms

Robot arms have a lot going on and they’re needed more now than ever. It’s hard to do work with your hands when you have to also maintain social distance. But working through a robot from home is a great way to solve this problem. There are many people working on building robot arms, and many of those are open source. We want to support all of those designers and artists and entrepreneurs – and their customers – with an easy to use program that just works.

The full list of robot arms is now available at

Add your own robot arm

Writing good code is hard, and teaching a computer to understand a robot is also hard. They have to know what the robot looks like; how it can safely move without hurting itself or others; it has to stay within the power limits for every muscle; and finally it has to do the job you tell it do. It only makes sense to make a program once that works for everybody – so we did.

Driving a robot

Robot Overlord can connect to a real machine via SSH (raspberry pi to a remote robot) or serial (USB to a local robot). It speaks to the robot with Gcode, the language of 3D printers and CNC machines.

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