Robot Overlord
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Robot Overlord

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Robot Overlord is the easy, open, free control software for robots.  I, for one, welcome our robot overlord.

Robot Arms

Robot arms have a lot going on and they’re needed more now than ever. It’s hard to do work with your hands when you have to also maintain social distance. But working through a robot from home is a great way to solve this problem. There are many people working on building robot arms, and many of those are open source. We want to support all of those designers and artists and entrepreneurs – and their customers – with an easy to use program that just works.

Why Robot Overlord?

  • Open source, unlike most game engines.
  • Runs on Java so it runs everywhere.  The next biggest app requires a very specific version of Linux.  Gross!
  • Free to use!  No trial period, no paid-user tiers, no subscription period.  Download it, install it, own it.

Our hope is that lowering the software barrier for robotics will help more people make great things and, in turn, make the world a more interesting place.

Help us support you

We put a lot of time and effort into making this app great and we really appreciate your support.  Feel free to put “$0” in the price field and if you go bigger, I thank you!  You can even join my Patreon if you want early access and exclusive content.