Sixi 2 Assembly Manual
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  • Sixi 2 Assembly Manual
  • Sixi 2 Assembly Manual

Sixi 2 Assembly Manual

5.00 CAD

Yes!  You could design your own robot arm from scratch.  That’s a great way to spend a lot of money learning many hard lessons.

Another way is to get our lovely assembly manual to see how we built Sixi 2 robot arms.  It’s way more affordable and you might learn a few tricks along the way.

Guide contains 8 PDFs, one for each major section.  Each chapter contains step-by-step assembly instructions with colored circles and arrows to guide you through the process.

Please note

  • Your order receipt and a follow up email will contain a download link to a ZIP file that contains several PDF files.
  • If you don’t see the emails, please check your spam folder before contacting us.
  • Marginally Clever Robots, Ltd. will not be held responsible if you fall further in love with robots and decide to build one for yourself.  You have been duly warned!
  • It’s also possible that after a few pages you say “that’s crazy!  There’s got to be a better way!”  Sounds to me like you will appreciate the beauty of the Sixi 3 robot arm.