Multi-material 3D printed Soft Robots

This video shows Multi-material 3D printed Soft Robots, which is a lot of fun stuff in one package. Researchers from the Wyss Institute at Harvard University developed a really fast way to switch materials while 3D printing and then used it to print robots that were a combination of soft and rigid parts.

Fantastic! I would love to see this used for easily dissolved support material, or circuits embedded into the bones of my robots.

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Bearing Tensioner Remixed!

The tensioner is a new idea to reach higher speeds by making sure the belts can never skip off the pulleys. It uses a rollerskate bearing – you’ve seen them in fidget spinners – and is 3D printed. Jason Garber remixed and improved the design, which delights me to no end.

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He said the middle pieces (2mm bend) is the his favorite. Here it is in action on Jason’s machine:


Sixi Robot on Hackaday

This morning I was flooded with like and subscribe emails on my hackaday page for the Sixi. Turns out someone had written about it in a tech site and not given me the heads up. Nobody tells me nothing .

Do me a favour and go upvote the project on hackaday. I’d love to win their contest and get some toys to further development. Your continued support can make that happen. Thanks!