Inventing hard to guess passwords

Making up passwords is tough. There are so many rules you have to follow:

– They have to be a certain length, for no given reason.
– They shouldn’t be proper names, important dates, or words in any dictionary. (Sorry, no Klingon.)
– They should be a mix of numbers, symblols, and upper and lower case letters.
– They should be created under a blood moon while dancing naked around an open fire.

So how can you make a password that looks like gibberish and still remember it? I recommend what I like to call the shopping list method.

– Write out your shopping/todo list.
– Take the first letter or number from every item in the list, in order. That’s your password.

You can leave a grocery list in your desk and nobody will think twice about it. …at least until we’re a huge success and everyone knows this method.


Forms, simplified, v3

  • + Added form_date(), using Kevin Luck’s jQuery DatePicker.
  • ! Fixed form_static() error message.
  • ! Fixed form_select() to use set selected value.
  • ~ Changed includes to requires to force errors.
  • ! Fixed form_select() javascript died when required select had no options.

You can find it all here.


Forms, simplified, v2

  • + Added ‘changed’ class to input_blocks
  • + Added ‘confirm_unload’ class to make per-form abandonment warnings
  • + Added __form_cancel_warning to forms.js
  • + Added __form_abandon_change_warning to forms.js
  • + Added a diskette icon to changed elements for better feedback response.
  • ~ Clarified some comments

You can find it all here.