What motivates us

Studies have shown that performance bonuses increase physical work output and have the reverse effect on cognitive work.
I bet this is behind Google’s 20% time policy, where one day a week you can work on anything you want company related.


Creating HTML select easily in PHP

Creating a &;t;select> in PHP can be a mess, if done naively. This should make life a little easier.

$str="<select name='fries_with_that'>
<option value='true'>Yes</option>
<option value='false'>No</option>

foreach($customer as $person_id=>$details) {
  $str=str_replace("value='$fries_with_that'","value='$fries_with_that' selected",$str);
  echo str_replace("name='fries_with_that'","name='fries_with_that_$person_id'",$str);