Makelangelo Spirographs pt 2

Here’s the Turtletoy link:

Save the file as SVG and load it in Makelangelo Software to run it on your Makelangelo Robot. I drew this with 16771 commands in 38m56s.

  • Acceleration=150
  • max speed=180
  • draw speed=100
  • lift speed=80
Makelangelo Tutorials

Makelangelo Spirograph Art

Making spirograph art is easy on the Makelangelo. Here’s a few examples of how you can generate beautiful geometric patterns and spirograph art. Post your favorites to the forums!

Makelangelo Spirograph Art with Scratch

Export the output from Scratch, load the SB file in Makelangelo Software, and proceed as normal.

Makelangelo Spirograph Art with Processing

void setup() {
  float r=225;
  float a = 0;
  println("G0 Z90");
  println("G0 Z30");
  while(r>15) {
  println("G0 Z90");

void driveto(float r,float a) {
  float x = sin(radians(a)) * r;
  float y = cos(radians(a)) * r;
  println("G0 X"+x+" Y"+y);

Copy/paste the output into a file called “test.ngc”, open that file in Makelangelo-Software, and proceed and normal.


2019 Vancouver Maker Fair

The 2019 Vancouver Maker fair was a hit, and so was the Sixi Robot! We spent the day interviewing attendees about what they would do with a robot arm, and we’ll use that feedback to make use-case videos.

Our booth was planned well in advance and we even brought a carpet to stand on.

Everything technical was very smooth. The robot shipped in perfect working order and didn’t misbehave the entire day. I had a couple of software glitches, which were quickly solved by restarting the app. The venue was set up such that we had to flip our booth design and reprogram the robot for the new position. Who could have foreseen that one, right?

Jin and Dan

The venue didn’t give us any chairs for the day, but we were having too much fun to sit down.

Here’s what it looked like from the camera’s point of view. Sometimes you can see the selfie in the mirror in the selfie in the mirror in the selfie in the mirror and then it’s too small to tell what’s going on.

We felt really inspired by all the great people who came out to share and enjoy. Definitely something we’d consider doing again. Go check out your local maker fair!