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Reykjavík University builds a Stewart Platform controlled by a DIY joystick

Kristófer Reykjalín shared a video of a Rotary Stewart Platform v2 driven from a home made joystick. A student group studying Mechatronics at Reykjavík University in Iceland used the Stewart Platform to demonstrate what they’ve been studying about control theory.

The team included Kristófer Reykjalín Þorláksson, Haukur Hlíðberg, and Stefán Óli Valdimarsson. Their professor is Joseph Timothy Foley.

Their code is uploaded on Github. Kristófer says the design files for the joystick will be there soon, too.

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Barnes & Noble Makerfair

Seattle Barnes & Noble Makerfair this weekend was host to Paul Borchert, a local teacher, and his Makelangelo 2.

Paul Borchert

Paul says,

I’m a Makelangelo believer. It’s everything STEM is supposed to be. STEM is so huge in the states, that the term is often used to get attention. Makelangelo is the real deal.

We couldn’t say it better ourselves. Thanks, Paul. You rock!

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How to install OpenCV 3.0.0 for Java Eclipse in OSX 10.10.1 and up

OpenCV in Java is good, and on OSX is even better. There are many tutorials online, most of them out of date. They will lead you astray down dark and complicated alleys that dead end where no one can hear you scream. I’m here today to tell you how to avoid these pitfalls. Take my experience for free, because I love you, friend I haven’t met yet.*

*my results as of 2015-10-06, your mileage may vary.
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Introducing Evil Overlord 2015, the Evil Minion Control Software

Evil Overlord Control Software

Evil Minion always obey their Evil Overlord, and Evil Overlord works for you.  Evil Overlord 2015 is Open Source on github and available now for developers to tinker and hack on.  This is the first incarnation of what is soon to be the most responsive, the smartest, and the most customized robot control software.

Responsive.  When connected to an Evil Minion, the simulation matches the real arm – even if you push the robot!

Smart.  Evil Overlord can explain to Evil Minions how to move in straight lines, not just “bend here, bend there.”  That makes it super easy to control step-by-step.

Customized.  We’re developing plugins, APIs, and documentation so it’s easy to add all the features people want.  Now is a great time to join in.  Be a part of the future in open source robotics.

Check out the list of upcoming Evil Overlord features suggested by our team and readers like you.

Got technical questions?  Reach out to the community in the forums.

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Evil Minion Robot Arm At World Maker Fair 2015

World Maker Fair 2015 is in two weeks and we’ve pulled out all the stops to make this the best fair yet. I’ll be presenting a talk at 4:45 Sunday, September 27 about the arm, why & how I made it, and how you can get one, too.

Want to drive this robot?  Grab the Evil Overlord code from Github, install it on your laptop, and bring your laptop to the fair.  There you’ll be able to plug in and give it a try.

Want to try something other than a claw?  The plans for attaching new tools are in a previous post on this blog.  3D print something awesome and show me what you got.

See you at the fair!