Makelangelo software 7.8.0, Makelangelo firmware 7.0.0

Makelangelo software 7.8.0 brings friendlier CPU usage, new generators, DXF export for your CNC machine, and a host of bug fixes.  Did you know there are now over 2500 Makelangelo robots around the world? Awesome!

According to my records the 2500th Makelangelo is in Oman.  A super big thank you to everyone who donated (yay open source!) and to everyone in the forums who helped make this version better.

Special mentions for mbells and ShacharWeis for writing code to the project.  You rock!

We’ve been running classes and dealing with the back-to-school rush. So much education!  I’ve been making a big push to create more videos and 3D models of everything in the store.  Big thanks to Sarah and Mark of Robot Army for helping me learn non-linear editing.  Look below for the new unboxing & how-to videos.  Software video coming soon.

Enough talk, here’s the change list and the download links.

Makelangelo software 7.8.0 changes

  • Added Save to DXF
  • Added Fibonacci Spiral Generator
  • Added D10 (request hardware version from robot)
  • Added draw correct hardware based on D10 results. Default is v2.* hardware.
  • Improved start OSX.command
  • Improved start Windows.bat
  • Improved show only relevant settings for each hardware version.
  • Capped FPS at 30. Much easier on CPU.
  • Fixed “Left/Right/Top/Bottom move 10x too far”
  • Fixed gondola preview wrong scale while drawing gcode
  • Fixed pen settings change not being saved
  • Fixed dragon order qty not remembered between calls to generate
  • Fixed “Disconnect” calling connect dialog
  • Fixed Can’t manually enter page size larger than 999mm (Thanks, @ShacharWeis!)
  • More bug fixes.

Makelangelo firmware 7.0.0 changes

  • Jumped to v7.0.0 to match EEPROM_VERSION in firmware. (Less confusing to users.)
  • Added D10 V*, reports hardware version.
  • Added workaround for Arduino’s broken handling of #include command
  • Added Add motor sleep on timeout (Thanks, @mbells!)
  • Fixed firmware_ams disrespected feed_rate, only moved at one speed

Makelangelo videos

Download links

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