Makelangelo update!

Makelangelo firmware has been updated to v9.1.0.

  • If I run a Makelangelo 5 from the LCD panel and tell it to go home, it will often go to a position high on the left side. This was the symptom of an off-by-two problem in the EEPROM, which has been fixed.
  • Added Dynamic Acceleration: accelerate more slowly at the bottom and in the corners to avoid swinging from the pen holder and get better quality drawings
  • Improved LCD menu options with a toggle up/down command, a status menu, and more responsive dial behavior.

Makelangelo software has been updated to 7.21.0.

  • Better DXF and SVG handling
  • candy-cane coloring of line segments to show more of what’s going on in the mind of the robot
  • better time estimates
  • at the end of a Makelangelo 5 drawing, move the pen away from the image.

These two must be updated together. For help with updating the firmware, please see our pictoral guide.


Makelangelo software 7.8.0, Makelangelo firmware 7.0.0

Makelangelo software 7.8.0 brings friendlier CPU usage, new generators, DXF export for your CNC machine, and a host of bug fixes.  Did you know there are now over 2500 Makelangelo robots around the world? Awesome!


Makelangelo News

Makelangelo 7.6.5 software update

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multipass example

Added converter Multipass. You can adjust the angle and the number of passes.

Added converter Wander. You choose the number of lines, but not where they randomly travel.

machine size calculations

Added belt and servo wire length calculation to settings > machine panel. This will make it easier to order large-scale machines from Marginally Clever.

limit test

Added generator Limit Test. The gcode will travel around the outside edge of the paper and then return to home. This is very useful if you are running from an SD card.

preview electronics on makelangelo

Added visual of control box and stepper wires:

boxxy style

Improved Boxxy style (added infill):

new connect button

Simplified connect list & rescan to connect/disconnect button:


  • Added ANSI, US, and Arch paper sizes
  • Improved DXF multilayer support, improved change tool message
  • Force log to bottom of file unless caret moved; shortened gui log for faster updates
  • Several bugfixes

Home position and calibration

Please print this calibration PDF, unscaled, on letter or A4 paper. Place it at the top center of your machine. the pen holder then lines up with the picture on the paper to get perfect calibration every time. This works extra good when you already have paper on the machine and you want to restart or continue a drawing using the “start at” feature.

firmware update

Please download and update to the latest firmware.