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    Delta-Robot-v3 uses more and more ideas from the Marlin code. Soon there won’t be any difference between the two. Mad props to those hard working guys who do incredible things in their code.

    Delta-Robot-v3 is the first MC robot that can plan ahead and accelerate. That means if you give it two lines in a row it won’t slow down between lines, getting the job done faster.

    I’ve added an “A” to gcode line commands to control acceleration, and display the acceleration value when you use M114.

    I’ve also added to delta-robot-v3/test-pattern-2.txt that I use from gcodesender so I can tweak and compare.

    Currently I’m running F4500 and A250. Play with it and tell me what numbers work best for you.

    I’m certain higher rates can be achieved. Can you make it happen? It’s all about making the innermost loop of the timer interrupt as efficient as possible.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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