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British Columbia’s 2016 curriculum: Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies

Fellow VHS member Daniel C shared with us British Columbia’s 2016 curriculum draft, “Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies”.  To quote the website,

Electronics and Robotics

  • uses of electronics and robotics
  • components of an electric circuit
  • ways in which various electrical components affect the path of electricity
  • Ohm’s Law
  • platforms for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) production
  • basic robot behaviours using input/output devices, movement- and sensor-based responses, and microcontrollers
  • mechanical devices for the transfer of mechanical energy
  • mechanical advantage and power efficiency, including friction, force, and torque
  • robotics coding
  • various platforms for robotics programming

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Drawbot presentation slides

In April of 2012 Dan made a presentation at the Vancouver Hack Space about the Makelangelo polargraph drawbot. Dan talked about his history building machines, what he is working on, and what the future holds. Click on each image for a more detailed explanation.