3D printable pipe connection adapter

Recently a good friend asked me to make an adapter to connect the air hose from his vacuum to the air hose on his new scroll saw.  Both were, obviously different sizes.  3D printing to the rescue!

Shortly after he went home happy, I was thinking it would be great to have a tool that solves this problem forever.  Thingiverse has an option to make customizable, parametric designs.  So I whipped out SCAD modelling program and in about an hour crafted this tool that is free for everyone.


You can change the diameter of the two hose ends, how far the hose ends sink into the adapter, and the thickness of the walls.  There is a small lip inside the shape to keep the hose from moving too far into the adapter.

In the first two weeks it has been remixed ten times already.  Fantastic!  If you find it useful, please tag me online or join my Patreon.