Sixi Robot Arm update

I’m finally making progress on a new model.  Starting from the hand and testing as I go. 

I made a vault-like lock for a jewelry box and in it I used brass tubes as spacers and bushings.  It was so good I had to try and use bushings in my next design.  They’re suddenly everywhere!  Also all my parts that fit over a bushing have an extra large hole and a separately printed shaft collar.  That way the time to fix a part is low because only the collar needs reprinting.

It’s novemeber 12 today and I should (fingers crossed) have sensors reading the angles of the two axies by the end of the day.  Shortly after that I’ll be bending belts around a 90 degree angle (which I’ve never seen any DIYer do before in-person).

The tail end of this robot is going to need 4 gearboxes to get enough power so I’ve been bugging @Paul Gould about his excellent work, and I hope to print a few of his designs.  The lifting power of the elbow and the shoulder will probably be linear actuators.

Right!  That’s enough of that for now.