m5 dxf preview

Makelangelo 5 Now 100% Open Hardware

Today I’m pleased to announce that the Makelangelo robots are now 100% Open Hardware.  Get all the open hardware laser cutting and 3D printing files for the Makelangelo 5 and Makelangelo 3 right here.

The Makelangelo 5 Thingiverse files includes the DXF pattern for laser cutting the two wood layers and the 3D printed parts.

The Makelangelo 3 Thingiverse files also include the laser cutting DXF pattern files.  There are no 3D printed parts in the M3.

If you’re reading this and deciding which one to build: the M5 is much easier to run, but only goes big enough for an A2 or A3 image.  The M3 can scale up to do much larger drawings and is much more challenging to setup.

Whichever you decide, our forums are the best place to discuss your choice, get technical help, or show off your new mod idea.