How to draw Open Street Maps with a Makelangelo

Drawing open street maps on the Makelangelo looks fantastic and is painless once you have the Open Street Map OSM file into DXF format. Here are the steps I use to download Open Street Map data as a DXF.

  • Download OSM IQ
  • Make sure the preview window is the same shape as the paper.
  • Move and zoom the world in the preview window until the area you want to export fills the preview window.
  • Click “Download OSM Data”
  • Click “Export to DXF”
  • Click one coordinate reference system and click “Select”
  • Save your new map DXF file.
  • Start Makelangelo
  • Open file
  • Change the file type to “DXF map data”
  • Choose your file
  • Preview, draw, and enjoy!

Would you like a drawing of your area? Contact us and be ready with your GPS coordinates.