Robot Arms Running Marginally Clever Open Source Code

Marginally Clever open source code is gaining traction around the world as young makers use it to build ever more amazing machines.

Pete from Fablab013 in the Netherlands says,

we used your gcodeCNCdemo to power our 3d printed robot arm.

Print time : 80+ hours
programming time : 10 minutes

Next thing you know they’ll upgrade to Evil Minion firmware so they can drive it from Robot Overlord – and we’re looking forward to it!

As we’ve said for years, affordable robot arms are the next step.  Marginally Clever wants to make that future get here quicker.  Part of that plan is we’ve been giving away the code to make it happen.  We’ve also designed our own arms, and we’re looking to help other talented robot arm designers.  We want to work with anyone else who dreams like we do.