About Us

A small section of the lab in 2015
A small section of the lab in 2015


Marginally Clever Robots, Ltd. was founded in 2008 and is located in beautiful Vancouver BC, Canada.

Earth is just too small and fragile a basket for mankind to keep all its eggs in.
attributed to Robert A. Heinlein

I believe our goal, as a species, is to escape planet Earth. That’s why our logo is the moon. Eyes on the prize!

The most efficient method I can see is to build our moon base with automated, remote control construction equipment. Think of a universal factory in a box, a make-anything-machine. I have a theory that the simplest make-anything machine is a pair of robot arms, in a box, equipped with the right tools to make nearly anything. It follows that remotely controlled moon factories need to be able to fix themselves.

Our method at this time is to make low cost, high quality robotic arms that can assemble or fix each other.

We need energy to research and develop the arms. Energy comes in two types: energy/money/power (which are interchangeable) and human resources, which are not. To get the most of both Marginally Clever works to attract young minds of all ages and help them learn everything they want to know about robotics. These minds will then use what they’ve learned and Marginally Clever products to push the limits of engineering and help us make the factories a reality.

Marginally Clever wants to help you build and maintain your robot, whatever it may be. We take great pride in our machines and strive to give you the best service. If you don’t know how to build your dream machine we will help you to learn. Do you need a custom order? We can help. Do you have questions or feedback? We would love to hear from you.

We look forward to doing business with you.


Dan Royer
President, Marginally Clever Robots
March 8, 2016

The Team

Dan is the founder, maker, and lead educator. He loves building robots and plays too much Factorio.

Jennifer is head of HR and accounting. She keeps all the numbers in line and makes sure what you want is always in stock. When she’s not doing these things, she’s travelling the world and being even more awesome.

Kali leads business development and marketing. She ensures we are focused on the right things, connects us to the right people, and directs the growth of the company. She loves improv comedy and audiobooks.

Alec helps with distribution and manufacturing: he is responsible for building and testing all the robots. He’s big into dance and parkour.

Luke has worked on photography, video, and R&D. He also enjoys rock climbing and camping.