Software, Forums, Russia

Several projects were updated over the weekend, the forums have been tweaked, and I look forward to meeting you in Russia June 13-21.


GcodeCNCDemo has been shortened by one (redundant) project. The basic sketch has been compartmentalized so that the code for each type of PCB is contained in a separate file. This should make it easier for you to write a version for your specific board. Send me a pull request so I can merge your new board into the project for everyone else.

RSP2, Arm3, and Makelangelo (dev branch) have all been updated with new code for acceleration and deceleration. They should be able to reach higher top speeds on long movements.

Søren is building two Makelangelos into a hot-wire cutter for his foam airplane wings. Thank you for the Paypal beer! If you’re using one of my projects and want to say thanks, a Paypal beer is a tasty way to say it. Paypal sake and vodka also accepted. 😉 More on the hot-wire cutter when I have the full details, or check out the forums. I asked him to post there, so fingers crossed!


Speaking of which, the forums have been reorganized to make a bit more sense. The newest is the CNC+arduino forum. I hope you can use it to talk together about your awesome projects.

Geek Picnic, Russia

Lastly, I am off to RUSSIA for Geek Picnic. I’ll be showing off a few of my favorite robots and getting in all the sight seeing I can. People are running the web store while I’m gone. Follow me on Instagram, I should have some sweet exclusive pics, as well as a review of THE MARTIAN, my read for the flight to Frankfurt.