Hexapod, Russia updates

Updates to my oldest robot project, news about the trip in Russia, and +1 like upvoting some awesome people.


Hexapod java project has been updated to use Maven. This means it should be easier for java coders to compile & run the source. Thanks to http://reddit.com/r/robotics for the inspiration.


Russia has been amazing. St Petersburg has a unique beauty all it’s own.

While I’m off looking at enormous jaw dropping art the Makelangelo is making an impression over at the Bookvoyed on the Nevsky Prospect. Think of it as the Sax’s Fifth Avenue of St. Petersburg.

It will be running there Thursday and Friday from noon to 10pm, and then all weekend at Geek Picnic St Petersburg.

Special thanks

– to George Rozhkov, who saw the Makelangelo at Geek Picnic Moscow and submitted a Russian translation.
– to Yan Molinos, who sent in a Portuguese translation out of the blue.
– to Misha and Yana, my guides through the city of St Petersburg.

Tomorrow I’ll take a call from Chile. My life has become truly interational.