Marginally Clever at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2015

Best year ever at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire! We broke all our sales records. The surprise hit was our Arduino starter kits, selling way better than anticipated. I had a surprising number of requests to see all our robots. Our two tables have only so much room!

I was delighted to hear some people skipped every booth to see us first, and I was shocked – shocked, I say! – at the number of people who had never played Tetris before.

Unlike the Bay Area Maker Faire we had the Wifi we were promised the entire weekend, media attention, Maker Happiness people checking in on us, and some really exciting opportunities to network. New to me was a menu in the Maker check-in package and a slip to write down an order. That way a Maker Happiness volunteer could go get lunch and the Maker wouldn’t have to abandon their table. So thoughtful!

Next up I have to prepare to attend Geek Picnic in Moscow. It’s like the Russian Maker Faire. Follow us on Instagram to see pics while I’m over there.