Privacy Policy & Terms of Service Updates

Today I’ve updated our terms of service and our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

Until now, our privacy policy was one line:

We won’t share your information without your permission. Even if it’s really funny.

I was younger and knew less about what I was doing. I put it up very quickly and didn’t do enough of my homework. Ignorance of the law is not a defense, so as soon as I realized the mistake (this morning) I leapt to fix it.

If you are a maker that sells things in or to the USA, get a distinct privacy page up ASAP. Feel free to copy ours and change the appropriate values.

The new policy covers COPPA, OPPA, cookies, analytics, and more. Please read the Privacy policy and send us your feedback.

Terms of Service

While I was at it, I also updated our Terms of Service using https://termsfeed.com/. It should cover us for the next several years and includes mobile apps, contests, and more. Please read the Terms of Service and send us your feedback.

Final thoughts

The team is growing, the website is always getting better, and new opportunities abound. Life is good!