Open source hexapod crab robot simulator

Hexapod simulator

I’ve updated my crab robot simulator (with all it’s movement styles and hexapod kinematics) to run on much of the same code as the other Marginally Clever projects

This is how I design my robots: Build a simulation, get it to work without breaking real parts, put the real thing together, and finally copy the code to the Arduino. I can then get the simulator to talk to robot so I get a nice user interface.

SPIDEE-1 will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first robot. I was so stupid I didn’t know I couldn’t do it.

You can run it, too

The download includes all the instructions and a runnable JAR file that will launch the program and let you walk a virtual SPIDEE-1 around the world. From there you can change the code to make changes and learn how it works.

This code was originally written in 2010 and ran in windows with SDL. All my Marginally Clever projects run in Java so I ported it over. That way more people can run it and there’s less headache trying to keep it running. Also the previous version was on sourceforge where nobody could find it.

Get it on Github today.

SPIDEE-1 part files

Bonus! The download inlucdes STL files for all the parts. In theory you could print out these pieces and build your own SPIDEE-1. Some of the parts I used back then will be very hard to source.


Final word

I’d love to make this robot a kit but first I need an arduino shield that will run 18 servos. Adafruit motor shield runs 12. Polulu mini maestro runs 18 and makes me use a wierd interface. I just want a shield I can stick on an UNO. Got one? Know of one? Let me know.