Rotary Stewart Platform Code on Github

Here is the Rotary Stewart Platform Code on Github. I have a lot more code from the old project that needs to be updated to work with this model. If you’re patient, stay tuned. If you aren’t, join in and start writing code.

And since everybody loves pictures, here’s an unrelated image of my first PCB, an array of QRD1114s for the maze-solving HOG Drive robot. Yes, it’s missing two 220 ohm resistors. Fixing that tonight at the Vancouver Hackspace.

Maze-solving circuit board for HOG Drive

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  1. Hi. I am a student of University of Liverpool and I am working on my final year project and use the Stewart Platform V2, I use your code called firmware_rumba to drive my platform and the stepper motors are moving too fast for my platform. Do you know how to make the stepper motors move slowing by changing the code? Thank you very much.

    1. You probably have off the shelf stepper motors that are 200 steps per turn. We use 400 step per turn. It can be adjusted once in configuration.h in the firmware. For more technical talk and to share pics/vids of your build, please use the forums. 🙂