Miniature Rotary Stewart Platform Demo

I made a Stewart platform like this several years ago and used aluminum parts that cost a small fortune. I had it stuck in my head that no one would ever want one because it was too expensive. Recently I was contacted through my website by someone who found my old machine at Let’s Make Robots and wanted to buy one. It’s like a light going off in my head when I realize “Hey, this is actually affordable now!”

Long story short: I’m going to work on the printed parts a bit more over the next two weeks and then get this into the store for anyone interested. The code will go up on GitHub. Can we get it to work with GCODE like most of the other machines? I think so.

Stewart platforms are used in flight simulators, driving simulators, robotic surgery, and even docking shuttles to the international space station.

Here’s an idea: Stewart platform + GPS + clock + telescope = DIY star tracking. Just putting that out there.

The most challenging part of assembling this kit is cutting the rods in half. Just FYI.