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DaisyDriver 2.0

The Sixi 3 robot arm is the result of many years of study and research. I’m trying to build my dream machine that avoids every problem discovered in my previous robot arms. My short list of desirable things include:

  • Easy manufacturing = use less unique parts = use repeating components.
  • Easy maintenance = daisy chain components.
  • Safer = no loose wires, always know where the arm is, responsive behaviour. (safety third!)

To that end I’m on my second attempt to design and program the board of my needs. Here’s where I’m at today, December 31, 2022. Read on for all the details.


Where to Start with Robotics

In this post I’m going to talk about what I consider a robot (and not a robot), cover some of the basics to start with robotics, and give some examples from a successful class I have been leading at a local makerspace.


CanDo Line Following Robot


CanDo is a gentle introduction to robotics for anyone who’s just starting out with electronics or programming. It assembles in about 20 minutes and requires no soldering or wire stripping. Kits are $100.

Get a CanDo today!

Step by Step

Some arduino starter kits will teach you to turn on a light or move a motor and then expect you to figure out the rest by yourself. CanDo gives a bit more direction and a greater feeling of accomplishment, because when you will build your own robot. For those who still want to go even further, we offer this challenge: Can you improve on the CanDo to solve a maze?


Each CanDo comes with all the parts you need to build your robot. Just add a 9v battery and you’re ready to go!

Read the assembly instructions and things to try on the Wiki