How to set up and run a Makelangelo 2.5.2

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to set up everything you need to run your Makelangelo 2.5 robot, starting the moment you get the box in the mail until you are installed on a board ready to draw. There’s even instructions to run the software and a timelapse of a drawing.

If you still have tech questions, we’ve got lots of friendly help in the forums.

Makelangelo Tutorials

How to Set Up a Makelangelo 3.2 Robot

This tutorial video shows you how to set up everything you need to run your Makelangelo 3.2 robot. Watch for guidance from receiving your robot to fully installed and ready to draw.

Install It Anywhere

The Makelangelo 3.2 can be setup on any other vertical surface. Any wall, easel, or window in your classroom, home, or business can host this drawing robot. For installation on glass or windows, suction cup mount option is now available at checkout.

Keep Updated

Just like your phone app updates, we work out bugs and continue to refine our software for all Makelangelos. Visit our Downloads page to ensure you have the latest versions to keep your drawing robot working smoothly.

We Like Your Feedback

Is there something missing from this tutorial? Is there something else that you think Makelangelo owners should know? Post to our Forum or contact us with your questions.


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