Assembling the Arm3 palletizing robot

Marginally Clever has made a lot of different robots, including the Arm3 palletizing robot. Robot arms hold great fascination here. We’d love to build a really great low cost robot arm. One of our early prototypes was even available online for sale, and as an open source model. Here now are the assembly instructions for that arm prototype. You can still get all the Arm3 parts on Thingiverse. Please give back by sharing your creation, mods, etc in the forums. (more…)


How to set up and run a Makelangelo 2.5.2

Watch the tutorial video below to learn how to set up everything you need to run your Makelangelo 2.5 robot, starting the moment you get the box in the mail until you are installed on a board ready to draw. There’s even instructions to run the software and a timelapse of a drawing.

If you still have tech questions, we’ve got lots of friendly help in the forums.