Build your own falling block game like Tetris

I’ve shown you how to use shift registers to drive an LED grid, including how to draw pictures on the screen from memory. Now we’re going to use those tools to make a game similar to the classic Tetris.  I’ll show you the circuit, how to draw pieces, how to create animations, respond to user input, and more.  Learning how to build complex behavior from simple parts is a great start to thinking about how robots behave.


Surrounded – my first cross platform OpenGL game

Recently Joel was going through the old Flipcode site and noticed a broken link to one of my old projects, Surrounded. It’s was my first attempt to write code that was easily cross-platform (windows, linux, and mac OSX). It’s a bit like smash TV, except that I never got around to making the wide variety of enemies that I should have. An exercise for the reader!

Download Surrounded

Here in this RAR file I’ve included all the source code, project files, and a pre-compiled windows executable. It is provided without warranty etc.  If you build the appropriate project files for cocoa it should compile in OSX, and same goes for GCC/linux.