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    I have been tinkering with the makelangelo settings to get a RepRap Ramps 1.6 kit to work.
    after replacing the 5 amp fuse on the ramps board,
    Found this to get the display to work and thought I would share.

    in configure.h. I have
    #define LCD_IS_128X64 // reprapdiscount Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller

    However, I needed to change the pin numbers in board_ramps.h

    #ifdef LCD_IS_128X64
    // 128×64 full graphics controller
    #define BEEPER 44
    #define LCD_PINS_RS 16
    #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 17
    #define LCD_PINS_D4 23

    //#define LCD_PINS_RS 19
    //#define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 42
    //#define LCD_PINS_D4 18
    #define LCD_PINS_D5 38
    #define LCD_PINS_D6 41
    #define LCD_PINS_D7 40

    // Encoder rotation values
    #define BTN_EN1 31
    #define BTN_EN2 33
    #define BTN_ENC 35

    // SD card settings
    #define SDPOWER 31
    #define SDSS 33
    #define SDCARDDETECT 35

    #define KILL_PIN 41

    Not sure if the other pins will change as well.
    Thought I would share.
    Not an expert, just happened to stumble across this so I thought I would share.

    Next step. why the motors seem to slip poles. Cheap nema 17’s .


    Just using this as a place to put notes about what I find as I go. in case someone else is trying to use the reprap ramps 1.6 kit.

    Make sure and adjust the current limiter on the 8825 drivers.
    I used these 2 resources to help (i have a millright CNC)

    based on my motors Nema 17 OK42STH34-1504AC , they take 1.5amps, so I adjusted the voltage on the current limiter to .75 volts (or as close as i could).

    Results. steppers are much quieter and are not jumping / locking like there were when the current limiter was set to default (~1.6 volts)

    The LCD screen works, the encoder and push button work. I am not sure it is displaying the correct prompts. ie, when i tell it to start i have to click the encoder knob 2 or 3 times to get it to start, but the screen does not change. I just see the prompt to change the pen in the serial monitor and push the encoder knob.


    I also think there are issues with the current LCD code. I find it quite hard to navigate between menu items, the response time on twisting the dial is bad and sometimes the cursor goes the wrong direction because of the low sample rate. Maybe an interrupt on the encoder pin would work better?


    @rodgerholl – what do you think is the best way to organize these pin settings?

    it’s not really per-board, and it’s not really per-lcd. it’s a matrix that grows and grows!


    @Dan It’s not growing so much. The RepRap Graphic Smart Display Controller Board ( is in millions 3D-Printer and it is the cheapest and greatest display. China produces this display 20 millions a year for makers, 3d-printers, cnc-machines.

    Is it possible that you copy code from marlin-firmware?


    The reprap graphic smart controller is already supported.

    Configure.h :

    // only uncomment one of these options
    //#define LCD_IS_128X64 // reprapdiscount Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller
    #define LCD_IS_SMART // reprapdiscount Smart LCD Controller (including XXL model)


    I seem to have all the main parts working. have not messed with the SD card yet.

    Used it during our annual county fair STEM presentations and it was an attention getter.


    Nice work!


    Hi…we are running this setup on our nearly gutted and rebuilt Cubex Duo and we have been unable to flash Marlin successfully. The power works to the Mega and the Ramps 1.6. The LCD lights up and when we upload Marlin, it says it compiles just fine. However, we get nothing that is obvious. Several red LEDs are lite on the board now, not sure what any of it means. The same Marlin setup is on our FT5-R2 and we just flashed it last night to be sure it worked in the current configuration… Gold! it seems to be not working with the Ramps 1.6. thoughts?


    No, no idea.

    AvatarJason Robinson

    I have the same experience on the RepRapDiscount Full Graphic display – navigating is difficult and bounces around/delayed. Any options to fix or should I replace the display with something better?


    Try adjusting the value LCD_TURN_PER_MENU to a lower value.


    I tried with the same hardware.
    But. It is not controlled normally.


    The time to update the screen is so long that the machine misses the clicks of the dial turning. I don’t have a quick fix. It is a known issue that I hope to get to in the new year.


    Hello, I am trying to mount the plotter, I have a problem, I have a 1.6 ramp, I have done everything indicated above but when connecting it I only get a long sound, what could be the problem? Thank you.


    Are you sure you compiled for Ramps boards and that your pin settings are the same? A long sound implies something is activating the speaker, which suggests the pins settings are wrong.

    Please try code (note the ‘dev’ branch) as it is the very latest.


    It was my mistake, thanks for your answer.

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    Avatarjesus zalba

    Hi, I have the same problem.
    I can´t use the menu in the 128×64 display. Do you know something new?
    Which lcd could I use to fix it?

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