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    I recently found my old makelangelo 2.5 and decided to make it work again.
    Unfortunately I learn that uno version is not supported anymore… Where could I find the latest firmware version for arduino uno + adafruit motor shield v1 ?

    I’d also like to upgrade it to the newer version. Looking in the firmware code it looks that it is now working on rumba board or ramps.

    As I already have a mega I think using a ramps board should be the cheaper solution, but I could not find documentation about the hardware..
    I’d like to know if ramps shields are still supported and if I’ll need anything other than the shield (1.6 ?), a mega and the motors ? Any suggested motor drivers ?

    Thank you very much.


    Please ? Can you provide me some information ? I’d really like to make it work again but I have a lot of trouble finding information and tutorial about the hardware…


    Try this release. Software & Firmware look in the same place


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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