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    Hi. New Makelangelo 5 user!

    I found a free B&W PNG of a skull online – Day of the Dead type styling. Some parts are filled in. Like the nose is mostly black but also has some white highlights. Similar, the eyes are all black with some white flowers as pupils.

    Not an Inkscape pro at all but the tutorials to get an SVG look pretty simple. I follow one and export the file as an SVG. If I open that SVG in Chrome or Edge, it looks perfect. If I open it in the Makelangelo program, none of the filled in parts are filled in. It’s all lines like just the edges have been traced.

    Totally happy to believe I’m done something wrong but I’m not seeing what it might be. Should this work? Any tips on how I can correct this??



    You are doing everything right.

    Makelangelo can draw any line. Makelangelo software does not yet have the know-how to fill in a dark area with lots of lines.

    At this time I don’t have a recommended way to fill in closed areas. The eggbot plugin for inkscape might be able to add lines to your inkscape drawing but I’ve found it to be a bit iffy.


    Ok. Thanks for the quick reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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