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    Hi Dan, looking through this file, I see that it is set for 200 steps.
    I thought the Makelangelo used 400 step motors.
    Which is correct for Makelangelo 5?

    // choose one of the following
    #define NORMAL_MOTOR_STEPS 200
    //#define NORMAL_MOTOR_STEPS 400
    /// ————– change here —————-


    Ahh, newer hardware is 200 step motors vs 400 step motors from a couple of years ago. No big deal to update configure.h and robot-polargraph.h, but the steppers stutter and stall at the end of homing when everything is set for 400 setps / 0.9 deg/step


    Here are some videos of the behavior. This is a stock Makelangelo 5, belts about 1m long.
    One is of the homing stall when set to 400/0.9, the other is of the start of a drawing. It’s as if the software (7.21) lost track of the homing position and is trying to draw at the bottom of the range. Firmware is 9.1
    The software certainly seems to show the pen in a different location on the board than reality.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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