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    code i started with


    im trying to create a very basic v plotter controlled by a ps4 controller.
    so i decided to try and make dans makelangeloFirmwareAMS.ino a bit more simple
    and just get a line left right up and down working to then add ps4 ccontrol.

    but so far there is lots i dont understand and am wondering if someone could help.

    here is my adapted code im trying to make ultra simple.

    as im not using the software .jar to talk to the bot i dont know how to set the dimensions.
    i would like to know how i could set the home position in the center of the square and set the original width and height in the code.

    if motor to motor is 80cm and down from motor is also 80 cm, how do i set this with

    static float limit_top = 0; // distance to top of drawing area.
    static float limit_bottom = 0; // Distance to bottom of drawing area.
    static float limit_right = 0; // Distance to right of drawing area.
    static float limit_left = 0; // Distance to left of drawing area.

    without using the software ?

    also if if my page is 80,80cm
    is my homex,homey the same as 80/2,80/2 // i.e center of everything and so line(-20,0); moves left and line(0,-20); moves down?

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