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    So, I managed to get up and run my own version of DrawBot (thanks to Dan a lot for the support !)

    Now I am trying to implement a pen with the servo, but somehow it doesn’t work –
    1. I know the servo is connected properly since the basic “sweep” works OK.
    2. I know the Java GUI works OK since I manage to jog the steppers

    but still – The servo doesn’t react (no reaction when pen up/down command is sent.

    Any idea ?


    Finally I managed to make my servo to work,
    when ever the G-code says something like that “G3 X-6.7609 Y42.1336 Z40”
    everythiung is OK and the servo lifts the pen (X and Y takes care of the location and Z takes care of the pen servo)

    Th problem is that the G code produced by Cambam (Engrave) generates something like:
    “G3 X-34.3358 Y-21.9489 I-0.038 J-1.8284” instead –
    hence – the pen doesnt react.

    How can the Z command be generated by Cambam ?


    in CamBam I set the material to be at 45, the cut depth to 0 and the travel depth to 90. then it should genereate only Z90 and Z0 in the gcode.

    i and j might be arc commands? They’re a separate issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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