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    I’m wondering if anyone has tried controlling Makelangelo with sensors and Arduino. For example, by having a proximity sensor generate a random drawing. Thanks!


    There are four available easy connections for the digital switches on Y+/- and Z+/- in the north-west corner of the board. Immediately “south” are the T0-T3 and TH1-TH2 pins, which are normally used to read temperature sensors. Those temp sensors are often analog, so those pins are probably where I’d start.


    Hello Dan,

    I just have a few quick questions:

    I was able to get the sensor reading through the board, as well as display on the LCD screen. I was attempting to use the sensor as a binary switch to pause the drawing process but I couldn’t quite find the line in the code to do so. I tried sd_printing_paused==true; but it did not work. Could you point me to that line?

    As well, I noticed that if the makelangelo is left paused it seems to reset (flashing screen). How could I avoid/override that to let me pause the process for extended periods of time?

    And lastly, the pen up and pen down is flipped while the program draws. If I switch those figures (50,90) if will work if I manually click pen up and pen down in the software, but revert to incorrect when I begin the drawing process again. I haven’t looked at the software code, but perhaps it is in there? Or perhaps it’s mis-configured on my end?

    Thanks for your help!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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