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    kiro refaat

    Hello Dan
    thank you for making such a robot and make it an open source.
    So… i am building a Makelangelo with arduino mega+ramps1.4+smart lcd+limit switches.
    I had had some trouble at the beginning with the LCD but following the forms i solved it from the firmware.
    Second difficulty was with the servo…the problem was with the ramps vcc pin it makes a lot of noise that the servo cant take, so i connected the input power to the servo directly from a 7805 voltage regulator.
    Now am facing new issues….
    A) drawings are really bad.
    B)Makelangelo 5 homing is really weird, the plotter goes down then hits the switches then it goes up again.
    C) it draw a really bad boarder when command “draw border” is pressed.
    so can you help me please??


    Well… i guess some picture of what “really bad” means.

    Homing always double-taps the switches. once fast, once slow. then it goes to home. depending on your configuration that could be 0,0 or the stay at the bottom. it’s now customizable in the software.

    again, what is really bad border? example pictures, please.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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