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    Dear all,
    whenever I create an SVG file with small circles in Inkscape it looks like fine:
    Inkscape: circles all fine
    Same file opened in Makelangelo 7.242 (and also experimental version 8) looks like this when zoomed in:
    Makelangelo: circles are not fine

    When I use DXF 14 format instead of SVG and save as polylines the circles look just like they should.
    The big catch with DXF is that the servo is lifted for every segment. I would move to DXF if circles would be plotted in one pen movement.
    I hope I am not alone with these problems. Any hint is higly appreciated!


    DXF is a simpler format and easier to process. Lots of complex edge cases with SVG that may lead to problems.

    The zooming in shows the dark secret of most plotters – they turn curving lines into lots of short straight ones.

    You might want to use the optimize feature. in v7, before loading and in v8, after. it tries to sort the order of all those lines to get the smallest amount of pen up and down.

    Does that help?


    First of all, uncheck Simplify and Reorder boxes in Art Pipeline section. You’ll see it’s better. I’m struggling also. Dan, isn’t it possible to add more short straight lines for curved section ? Because for A4, it’s acceptable, curved are ok, but when you do an A2 print, you can clearly see that curves are made of tiny straight lines and it ruins the smoothness of curved lines.


    I have made this change in v8. I might be able to do it in 7.24.3, too?


    After trying with another software than Inkscape to do SVG, it seems that Inkscape is the problem. Every time I import an SVG to Makelangelo soft, I got weird stuff like you have with circles but not only. If I make an SVG from Scribble Draw soft and import it in Makelangelo soft, there’s no problem… So I don’t know…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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