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    When I hit connect in Makelangelo, nothing seems to happen. The machine # stays at -1 (so it’s not phoning home), none of the controls light up and the program freezes, I have to kill the process to close the app.

    Machine details:
    Firmware 9.1
    Software 7.21
    OS: Linux Lite (Ubuntu based)
    Java: Open JDK 8
    Arduino 1.8, uploaded firmware with changes for a Makelangelo v3 using Mega & RAMPS, LCD & SD card. The serial output gives the Hello World Drawbot spiel.

    On the up side, without connecting the drawbot to the computer it would appear to run almost correctly except the machine size isn’t correct (as I need to set this in the app first?)

    The last time I built one of these was when the Arduino Uno was supported so I know enough to know what’s supposed to happen… any help would be appreciated.

    And my steppers make a horrible buzzing/humming noise, what’s that about? (Didn’t happen with them in the Uno based build)


    The machine number has been staying at -1 for a while now. Something broken in the “phone home once so we can count new machines” code.

    What does the log file say in v1.6.1? If I did things right it should contain the conversation with the robot we we’d know if any of the hello is received.

    I’m also wondering if there’s new security features that might be blocking java from talking to the robot.


    Not really sure which log file you’re meaning?
    This is the result from the serial monitor in Arduino

    SD is added

    Firmware v10
    == ==
    M100 – display this message
    M101 [Tx.xx] [Bx.xx] [Rx.xx] [Lx.xx]
    – display/update board dimensions.
    As well as the following G-codes (
    Has LCD


    I mean the log.txt file generated by makelangelo software, which should be in the same folder as the JAR file.


    no log file generated 🙁


    Using Makelangelo 7.23 I get a log file, but it still freezes after hitting connect. I’ve also tried running Makelangelo using Java 8, 11 & 14 and running it as administrator still with the same problem.
    As per other online guides my user is a member of all of the user groups that give me full access to the serial ports.

    2020-06-07 16:41:03 PROGRAM START
    2020-06-07 16:41:03 OS=linux
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 Locale=en_CA
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 starting preferences…
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 makelangelo.version=7.23.0
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 starting robot…
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 starting transfer handler…
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 starting connection manager…
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 starting translator…
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 Looking for translations in jar:file:/home/sss/Downloads/Makelangelo%207.23/Makelangelo-7.23.0-with-dependencies.jar!/languages
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 rootDir=/home/sss/Downloads/Makelangelo 7.23
    2020-06-07 16:41:04 Found Jar:languages/dutch.xml
    2020-06-07 16:41:05 Found Jar:languages/english.xml
    2020-06-07 16:41:05 Found Jar:languages/piglatin.xml
    2020-06-07 16:41:05 starting GUI…
    2020-06-07 16:41:08 Cannot run raspistill
    2020-06-07 16:41:09 checking sharing permissions…
    2020-06-07 16:41:09 checking for updates…
    2020-06-07 16:44:16 saving…
    2020-06-07 16:44:16 done.
    2020-06-07 16:44:16 Worst case draw time=0h0m0s.
    2020-06-07 16:45:26 B�SD is added

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