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    Hi Dan, I’d been running my drawbot with a re-used 5V, 5A computer supply.
    It worked OK, but the motors and drivers got pretty hot and eventually the supply failed.
    I borrowed a big metered power supply and did some experiments.
    The AMS will take up to 12V, but when the drawbot is running, the supply is always in current limit.
    At 2 amps, the voltage is about 4V and the motors and board aren’t too hot and it doesn’t look like the robot drives any (or much) slower.

    I saw that you ship Makelangelo 2.5.2 with a 12V, 2A wall supply and tried one of those. Interestingly, the couple I tried have overcurrent protection/shutdown, so the gondola makes a few jerks before the supply shuts down.

    Did you find special wall supplies with true current limit, or am I confused somehow?



    Our makelangelos use 12v2a power supplies for all versions.
    AFAIK they are not doing anything interesting.
    I’ve never tried to run them with a 5v supply.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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