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    Has anyone made any progress towards getting Makelangelo to run on a Raspberry Pi? This was something I was hoping would be possible years ago when I bought my robot but browsing the forum I don’t see any posts on this topic more recent than 2016 and at that time it didn’t appear to be a possibility.

    The other option I’m wondering about is to run the robot wirelessly from a computer. Anything that would mean it doesn’t have to be physically connected to my laptop.

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    I am currently looking at using a Wemos D1 for the next motherboard. It has wifi built in so it will be able to run with one less wire. I would not run completely wireless because the motors use a lot of power.

    I am just back from winter vacation and I’m going to order the parts today. This is now the official thread for the next edition!

    AvatarMiguel Sanchez

    Looking forward to watching the new version in action.


    Neat. Wi-fi would be great!

    I recently used a NodeMCU for a project which is similar to the Wemos D1. Is there a shield that will make hooking up the stepper drivers to the Wemos easy? It seems it will be non-trivial and possibly a spaghetti of wires getting everything hooked up.

    It’s hard to beat the plug and play simplicity of the all-in-one boards like the Rumba or MKS Gen-L.



    The D1 and a v3 CNC shield for UNO cost about $10 USD, which will mean I can offer free shipping on all future orders. (shwing!)

    I know @Miguel Sanchez got it to work. My challenge is
    (a) to do it in a way that is easy to build, say, 50 at a time.
    (b) to support the code for this and the v5 and the v3.


    Wireless would be a cool feature. I would love to follow the build when you start sharing. I would be glad to test build it on my end too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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