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    About a week ago I posted on this forum under the title “Aspect ratio of drawing incorrect”. I had tried to draw a circle on a new Makelangelo 5 and it came out as an ellipse. No one responded. Today I finally went out and bought an appropriate USB cable to connect my machine to my computer, and followed all the steps to update the firmware.

    Now everything is much, much worse!! When I run the same circle test the pen holder now slams into the top of the machine. When I ask it to create a border for standard US letter paper from the LCD screen, it tries to draw a gigantic rectangle bigger than the machine size (again slamming into the top when it draws the top edge).

    Help!! I’d really like to use this machine but I haven’t done a single successful drawing.


    If the difference is only the new Makelangelo5 Software Version, i suggest so switch back to the old version until the difference is understood.
    Still your problem sounds very much the machine dimensions, belt length or steps num in the firmware is not correct/was changed.

    The beginning can be quite embarassing admittedlybut once its working it will become great fun.
    you might start to check if the motor turns into the right direction and if the scale is correct by drawing something very small.



    chiedo scusa se ho scritto qui io ho cambiato le misure ma makelaNGELO NON LE SALVA IN EPROM

    D11 makelangelo 5 specific setup call
    void makelangelo5Setup() {
    // if you accidentally upload m3 firmware to an m5 then upload it ONCE with this line uncommented.
    float limits[NUM_AXIES * 2];
    limits[0] = 225.0;
    limits[1] = -225.0;
    limits[2] = 250;
    limits[3] = -250;
    limits[4] = PEN_UP_ANGLE;
    limits[5] = PEN_DOWN_ANGLE;


    After setting the limits you still have to SAVE the values. M500.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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