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    Anyone here have a classroom experience they want to share? Ever made or tinkered with a robot of any kind over the course of a few weeks? What was it like? Were there days that worked or didn’t work compared to others?


    Great Idea .


    As a Librarian, I don’t have the opportunity to structure a class or progression of activities, so my comment might not be as specific as you need.
    Generally, I find that student (and staff) don’t have a high tolerance for things that don’t work. If something is working, then they are reluctant to “break” it, even if they know how to fix it. If something is “broken,” then it isn’t likely that a strong effort can be made to “fix” it.
    One challenge I can offer is an activity summarized by “Can you find the one thing I changed?” I use this is training my crew for the school sound system. We send a group out of the room, pull one cord (or push one button), and then watch the troubleshooting skills begin when they return. (Then switch.)
    My slogan in fixing equipment around the building is “I only have to know one thing.” The problem is usually that I don’t know which “one thing” is needed for the situation (physical button/wire or control panel). Students (and staff) are more willing to make a list of things that don’t work, when they know that there is only “one thing” to fix.

    If you are not familiar with the drawing machine (Makelangelo), then I HIGHLY recommend it as a “robot” system. The output is concrete and inexpensive. It is easily approachable for beginners, yet has as many layers of complexity as you could want to add. While the machine is at work, it is mesmerizing- even for me. It’s WAY cooler than “blink.” By choosing a machine that I like, I can keep bringing it to students again and again.


    Hello everyone
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    i also agree with mr. EdmondsLibrarian .
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    Good idea that is to considered and though I don’t have such an experience to share today

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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